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Strategic Projects


Large scale enterprise system projects seldom achieve their goals.  Organizations traditionally sought to reduce risk in these projects by retaining consultants, most often provided by the software vendor.  The risk of this approach is well documented... nearly 2/3 of major ERP projects fail to meet expectations.

The best results are achieved when the company has a dedicated project manager with skills and resources to manage a project from original conception to setting goals and budget, selecting product and vendor, negotiating the contract and managing implementation and downstream support.  Have no illusions, a major strategic enterprise systems project is a full time job for someone with very high level skills.  The most qualified internal candidates already have full time jobs that are critical to continuing success of the business.  There is another way...

A large scale project requires considerable agility, formal project and communication skills along with fundamental understanding of business and industry.   Working together with clients, GENEVA establishes fair and reasonable goals, assesses risk and establishes action plans.  Clear Statements of Work and strong project methodology help but the most important vector is communication between consultant and sponsor.