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Merger & Acquisition (M&A)


Sale of the system integration practice of GENEVA Group Inc. to a large Danish Microsoft Gold Partner consolidated experience gained working with others as an analyst team member.

As a condition of the sale, Dr. Rife was responsible for setting up a Delaware corporation including generating all documents related to the business enterprise.  The new company also purchased the assets of another Microsoft partner headquartered in California.  Dr. Rife assembled the executive team, developed governance and employement policy and integrated the business units.

In another example Dr. Rife took on the task of restructuring a troubled business unit with ineffective leadership for an investor.   Options to sell or purchase and merge a complementary business with strong management in place were presented.  The "turn-around" analysis provided important information with the decision to sell, serving both to identify buyer profile and set valuation.  Specific prospects were identified.  The business packaged and sold in a little over six weeks with multiple letters of intent. 

The decision to buy or sell a company has many dimensions.  Valuation must be pragmatically qualified against evolving markets, staff and resources.  Sometimes the decision includes possibility for a turn-around strategy.  Appropriately packaged the transaction can move quickly with fair value on both sides.