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The best opportunities for turn-around appear to have nearly everything in place but can't seem to turn the corner!  Analytical and functional assessment provides the base to develop and implement pragmatic plans to move forward.

As a turn-around manager, Dr. Rife quickly evaluates the candidate business and gains end-to-end understanding of core business practices.  In these assignments GENEVA frequently commits to success by establishing an incentive fee structure.  Tasks balance analysis, planning, restructuring and investments with measureable goals and solutions generally include operational and staffing adjustments enforced by new or upgraded systems and practices. 

Dr. Rife has worked as both CEO and CIO in turn-around assignments.  His enterprise application software knowledge as a business partner (dealer) with Solomon, Great Plains, Navision and Microsoft is the foundation for very strong skills in business analysis, enterprise system architecture, implementation and financial/operational management.

Success in these engagements comes from building a strong core management team, creating a culture of excellence and implementing effective practices supported by systems that track and measure business performance.

Sponsorship for these projects comes from senior corporate management and/or investors.