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Emerging Enterprise


Best opportunities for new ventures live on the bleeding edge of technology, as does the highest risk!  Exciting ventures are often poised to create or take advantage of major paradigm shifts.  Dr. Rife blends established disciplines with practical adjustments and balance of business dynamics and resources.

Successful new businesses bring product, marketing and sales together with appropriate resources and staff.  Every organization has its own personality.  Consulting tasks establish practical strategic goals to focus enthusiasm and hard work and bring it all together. 

Recent work included assessment of proposed investments in clean energy areas.  The client is a semi-public agency supporting both concept development and functional demonstration.  Tasks addressed technical assessment, due diligence, business plan and operational review of proposals over a period of approximately three years.  Dr. Rife developed a standard methodology for analyzing and recommending proposed projects for board review and approval.  In every case, the analysis included recommendations for improving the business model to reach markets more quickly.

Emerging companies also need supplemental leadership to push through to the next level.  There may be technical, managerial and legal issues.  Dr. Rife frequently assumes roles appropriate for mentoring and sometimes direct leadership to develop and consolidate a management team.

Sponsorship for consulting engagements in this area comes from funding sources including state and federal agencies and angel, venture and private investors.  ‚Äč